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Step to Success

Science Series.1


Step to Success Science Series for Primary classes provides strong & meaningful grounds for the students to understand the basic concepts of science in an interesting manner.It contains everything students need for success in their key stages of learning.A team of competent authors has developed this series bt drawing major contents from the national curriculum.

Topics like human body and its parts ,animals and plants, atom ,magnetism,electricity,etc.are taught through simple,understandable & interactive activities,projects and a varity of tasks based on the daily life.Every topic is explained with clear ,friendly notes,diagrams and examples on spacious,easy-to-read pages.All the units in the books are based on clear learning objectives.

The students gain a varity of scientific knowledge with the help of colorful pages that introduce young children to the wonderful world of science,with colorful illustrations and simple text.

About Author

Professor Biman B Das is a world renowned Indian sculptor and painter with bronze works installed in countries as far as Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Italy and Egypt. Formerly, the Principal of Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, with over three decades of experience teaching at the College of Art, New Delhi, he has long been interested in teaching younger artists the fine nuances and techniques in art. He was awarded the Padmashree by the Government of India in 2014.

About the Series

Classes 0A, 0B, 1 to 5

Salient Features

  • Attractive illustrations and eye catching layout
  • Graded and systematic approach
  • Lucid language with clear instructions for learners to follow
  • Various media and techniques incorporated (such as collage, origami, colour schemes, colour theory, etc.)
  • Inspires learners to think, create and appreciate art
  • Important notes for facilitators explaining interactive teaching strategies and ideas
  • Introduction to various art styles, art movements and works of master painters has been done in a very easy and fun way.