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Sirat e Mustaqeem for primary classes is focusing on the fundamentals of Islamic teachings described in Quran and Sunnah.It is designed in a way that students can relate the progressing topics with their lives and can reflect upon;the age appropriate content,language and examples helps them to do so.The values highlighted through Quran and Hadiths provide practical solutions as per everyday needs and help children to grow up as true practitioners.It is a complete package that comprises of age appropriate hadith and supplications,stories from Quran tha emphasizes the life-styles of prominent Prophets of ALLAH(SWT).A great importance is laid on character building of children through stories.The series also focusing on the content based on Islamic way of living in the society which includes interaction with neighbours,parents,elders and young ones.The special Hifz section at the start of each book gives opportunity to memorize short surahs from the Quran.

About Author

Professor Biman B Das is a world renowned Indian sculptor and painter with bronze works installed in countries as far as Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Italy and Egypt. Formerly, the Principal of Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, with over three decades of experience teaching at the College of Art, New Delhi, he has long been interested in teaching younger artists the fine nuances and techniques in art. He was awarded the Padmashree by the Government of India in 2014.

About the Series

Classes 0A, 0B, 1 to 5

Salient Features

  • Attractive illustrations and eye catching layout
  • Graded and systematic approach
  • Lucid language with clear instructions for learners to follow
  • Various media and techniques incorporated (such as collage, origami, colour schemes, colour theory, etc.)
  • Inspires learners to think, create and appreciate art
  • Important notes for facilitators explaining interactive teaching strategies and ideas
  • Introduction to various art styles, art movements and works of master painters has been done in a very easy and fun way.